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Finding & Keeping Quality Employees


  Finding quality employees is a major undertaking for all businesses across the United States. I had found no one way that works, until I was given an idea at TCIA’s Winter Management Conference. And the idea seemed to be the solution I was looking for. When I am in need of a particular employee,…

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Plant Healthcare With Professor Tim Bur

Prof Tim Bur - Timber Warriors

Plant healthcare is advancing in the arboriculture industry. Timber Warriors has mentors who are knowledgeable about plant healthcare and are available to answer members’ questions. Below are a few things I look for in a tree to determine if there are any health issues, such as weather damage, disease, insect feeding, chemical injury, site-related stress…

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Atlantic Hurricane Season Prediction

Atlantic hurricane season map

Atlantic Hurricane Season: June to November; peak season: mid-August to mid-October The Atlantic hurricane season is right around the corner; but as the out-of-season hurricane (Alex) showed us in January 2016, these whirlwinds can form at any time and thrive long enough to touch land, wrecking everything in its path. According to a report from…

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