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605, 2019

Storm Response Preparedness

May 6, 2019|

Storm Response Safety Measures As if safety and awareness weren’t already extremely important, it is even more so during emergency storm response. Why? Because the stakes are high and there are significantly more factors to weigh than usual. Your crews are working in unfamiliar territory, possibly removing uncommon tree species, maneuvering around any inaccessible [...]

103, 2019

Gloves: To Wear Or Not To Wear

March 1, 2019|

The Question Gloves. Technically they are PPE, but should they be a universal requirement for arboriculture operations – like it is for head, ear, and eye protection? Our Take Timber Warriors’ Safety Director says “YES,” gloves should always be worn; but some say there is not always a need. So far, OSHA and ANSI [...]

101, 2019

An Idea Forms At Crane Training Program

January 1, 2019|

How It Started Last month Timber Warriors’ Safety Director, RJ Runyon, visited Heavy Equipment Colleges of America (HEC) in Oklahoma City to meet with students enrolled in the 3-week crane training program, and HEC instructors. HEC invited Timber Warriors to speak about the use of cranes in the arboriculture industry, specifically, as well as the obstacles [...]

210, 2018

Prepare Your Home For Storm Season

October 2, 2018|

Tornadoes, Wildfires, Hurricanes - Oh My! Each year, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes and storms create chaos for home and business owners across the United States. Here are some steps you can take to help protect your home or business from any potential property disasters. Cleaning Gutters Start by removing leaves and other collected debris [...]

108, 2018

What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your House or Property

August 1, 2018|

Immediate Next Steps It’s a property owner’s worst nightmare — a storm has brought a tree down directly onto your house. The moment it happens, you’ll be overwhelmed with questions. “Is everyone all right?” “How bad is the damage?” “What on earth do I do now?” To help you deal with that last question, [...]

108, 2018

App Now Available for Download

August 1, 2018|

Welcome To The Timber Warriors App What if you could receive job leads in ways similar to how you receive texts, social media alerts, and weather notifications? That would be awesome, right? Well, fortunately for those who are part of the Timber Warriors Network, this concept is now a reality. The Timber Warriors App will alert [...]

207, 2018

California Tree Mortality: Update

July 2, 2018|

Great Strides The Timber Warriors Tree Mortality Task Force has made great strides since January, when Timber Warriors announced it would be vying to contain California’s wildfires by specifically addressing the state’s tree mortality. Timber Warriors is routinely communicating with and meeting California state, county, and local officials, as well as representatives from CAL Fire, utilities, [...]

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