What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your House Or Property

It’s a property owner’s worst nightmare — a storm has brought a tree down directly onto your house. The moment it happens, you’ll be overwhelmed with questions. “Is everyone all right?” “How bad is the damage?” “What on earth do I do now?” To help you deal with that last question, here is a rundown…

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California Tree Mortality: Update

wildfire aftermath tree mortality

The Timber Warriors Tree Mortality Task Force has made great strides since January, when Timber Warriors announced it would be vying to contain California’s wildfires by specifically addressing the state’s tree mortality. Timber Warriors is routinely communicating with and meeting California state, county, and local officials, as well as representatives from CAL Fire, utilities, and…

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Introducing the Timber Warriors App

app renderings

Timber Warriors recently visited the insurance industry’s leading conference and expo, the Property & Liability Resource Bureau (PLRB). There, Timber Warriors met with many insurance industry experts – some current customers and some soon-to-be customers – and Timber Warriors was able to confirm an essential next step in order to continue on a path of…

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Aiding in California’s Tree Mortality


Fulfilling California’s need California officials have invited Timber Warriors to examine the state’s tree mortality and pertinent concerns in wake of recent, untamed wildfires. Timber Warriors is interacting daily with both federal and state representatives to outline and discuss the specific methods for Timber Warriors’ involvement and mobilization. Due to the state’s large size, diverse climate…

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Setting Safety Goals in 2018

Safety Should be the Anthem for 2018 In the year 2017, 68 workers lost their lives while performing tree services, according to the number of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s reported incidents as of December 2017. Forty-three were as a result of tree felling errors and falls; California claimed 25.5% of those deaths. Timber Warriors…

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Members awarded for their work in 2017

  The following is a continuation of a piece that was featured in our November issue.    We are proud to announce that as of December 1st all Timber Warriors Recognition Award recipients have been presented with their award. Timber Warriors would like to conclude its announcement of the specific and noteworthy achievements that prompted…

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2017: A Busy, Unpredictable Year

Read the full December Newsletter here. Emergency Response, Weather Conditions Consumed 2017 In terms of weather, 2017 will go down as one of the more active, and often unpredictable, years. But for those whose workdays depend on the patterns of mother nature, it was also a demanding year. Police officers, firemen and paramedics put in…

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Storm Response Preparedness

Preparedness is just as critical as expertise As if safety and awareness weren’t already extremely important, it is even more so during emergency storm response. Why? Because the stakes are high and there are significantly more factors to weigh than usual. Your crews are working in unfamiliar territory, possibly removing uncommon tree species, maneuvering around…

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Arborists giving back to veterans

Saluting Branches logo

Next month arborists from all areas of the U.S. will come together for the 3rd Annual Saluting Branches Day; a day that is intended to give back to the ones who gave it all – our veterans. Saluting Branches and volunteer arborists give back by cleaning up several veteran cemeteries across the nation. These cemeteries…

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An Itch for Education

Tree removal live demonstration

Timber Warriors and others doing whatever it takes to learn, apply, teach and repeat.   Learning & Applying Timber Warriors has another crane certification under its belt. Cranes101 held its first NCCER accredited class, Small Telescopic Crane, in Bellingham, Mass. June 19-21 and Timber Warriors’ own R.J Runyon, Safety Officer, was present. Safety Instructor Steve…

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