Tree Care Topics

Wildfires Wreak Havoc Across the Globe

firefighter fighting flame

  What a year it has been. Devastation comes in many shapes and sizes, but it would be remiss if we did not point out how much turmoil wildfires have caused this year for families and communities across the globe. The Whole Picture So, just how much of the world has been on fire, (unprecedentedly)?…

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Narrowing in on California Response, Wildfire Prevention

wildfire damage

The Timber Warriors Tree Mortality Task Force has made great strides since January, when Timber Warriors officially announced its intentions for a California response; and next week Timber Warriors will unveil its first advertisement.   Stepping into Prevention To date, Timber Warriors has obtained all licenses and has graduated from all courses necessary to examine…

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Put an End to the ‘Door Knocker’ Reign

Last month Timber Warriors responded to the mess a ‘door knocker’ left behind. The impostors felled a tree onto a home. Shortly after, Timber Warriors came in to relieve the homeowner of the disastrous situation. The sad truths: this was not Timber Warriors’ first time cleaning up a ‘door knocker’s’ mess, and ‘door knockers’ are…

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Setting Safety Goals in 2018

Safety Should be the Anthem for 2018 In the year 2017, 68 workers lost their lives while performing tree services, according to the number of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s reported incidents as of December 2017. Forty-three were as a result of tree felling errors and falls; California claimed 25.5% of those deaths. Timber Warriors…

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The TreeGuyver

Impacting the way arborists remove trees Guy and Aubrey Santucci are taking arboriculture safety to a new level with a device that may soon change the way tree care professionals tackle some of the most challenging jobs. Guy Santucci invented TreeGuyver, a portable directional tree-felling device ideal for golf courses, tight spaces and inaccessible areas.…

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Plant Healthcare With Professor Tim Bur

Prof Tim Bur - Timber Warriors

Plant healthcare is advancing in the arboriculture industry. Timber Warriors has mentors who are knowledgeable about plant healthcare and are available to answer members’ questions. Below are a few things I look for in a tree to determine if there are any health issues, such as weather damage, disease, insect feeding, chemical injury, site-related stress…

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