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Ice Dam Removal Certification (IRDC)

What is IDRC?

Ice Dam Removal Certification is granted to individuals who have been trained and demonstrated competency in a non-invasive, “no-additional-damage” method using steam to safely remove ice dams without displacement of a single granule on shingle tiles.

The training directly incorporates OSHA safety standards and equips certified tradesman to operate fully within these safety guidelines.

Ice Dam Removal Quality Standards

Prior to the establishment of the IDRC, crews were justified in using any means necessary to remove ice and snow simply because there was no regulation. IDRC now offers the only unequivocal definition as to what safe, effective, “no-additional-damage” ice dam removal is and holds certified individuals to these standards.

The entire network of IDRC certified companies employs universal quality control measures to ensure consistency across the country.

Benefits of IDRC

The Ice Dam Removal Certification operates with 2 platforms -

A) As a referral network for insurance personnel made up of highly trained and vetted technicians representing firms who contract to remove snow and ice dams from covered properties

B) The only certifying body in the snow and ice removal industry that has authority and capacity to instruct on, then grant credentials for this service.





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