Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

how to prepare for a storm event

Each year, we see tornadoes, wildfires, and hurricanes create chaos for home and business owners across the United States.

These storm events can serve as a reminder of how important preparing your property for any potential storms can be.

The storm recovery experts at Timber Warriors have put together some steps that you can take now, to protect your home or business from any potential property disasters.

Clean Gutters

Start by removing leaves and other collected debris from your gutters, which can clog them and send water pouring down the side of your building or even under the roof. While cleaning the gutters, you can also inspect the roof, making sure shingles or tiles aren’t damaged. Check that all vents are completely sealed so vertical rain driven by the wind won’t be entering your interior space.

Secure Your Yard

Walk your property and secure any lawn furniture or other outdoor objects before a storm arrives, so that strong winds won’t turn them into air-born projectiles!  Bring outdoor furniture or decorations that would be damaged, like plant pots, hanging bird feeders, or lawn decorations inside.

Trim Trees

Loose branches and falling trees are some of the most common causes of damage during storm events. Consider having a tree service or arborist visit your property to inspect the trees near your home to help identify any branches that could cause damage during a severe storm.

Be Prepared

An emergency kit could prove to become a necessity if you get caught in an unexpected storm event. Items such as a radio (with extra batteries), flashlights, with a several day supply of food and water, along with a first-aid kit are our minimum recommendations to have on-hand.

Take a Home Inventory

In the event that your home is destroyed by a storm, it might be hard to remember every item you owned. It also may be difficult to track down receipts for the expenses of your most valuable items. Take some time to create an updated home inventory. Taking pictures or a quick video tour of your home could prove to be valuable to you and your family as you begin the claims process with your insurance company.

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