Emergency Board-Up Services

After ensuring that your family is safe, securing your home is the next critical task in the event your home suffers catastrophic damage. When a tarp won’t suffice, your doors and windows must be boarded up to prevent further damage to the interior caused by rain, wind and possibly intruders. If your home’s doors and/or windows have been broken or otherwise damaged by a storm, a fallen tree or any other type of calamity, you need professional emergency board-up services. This temporary protection from the elements often is what allows your family and your possessions to remain safely in your home until permanent repairs are in place.

Timber Warriors has long been recognized as a leader in providing prompt, effective services after a catastrophic event. This includes around-the-clock emergency board-up services for homeowners, and for government agencies or municipalities responding to larger-scale emergencies.

Timber Warriors is your source for complete door and window board-up service throughout the U.S. When you work with Timber Warriors in the aftermath of a catastrophe, you can rest easy knowing that your board-up service will be provided efficiently and effectively. We’ll provide a quick, expert assessment of your home’s needs and will schedule services within a few hours of being contacted. You will be notified of the final billing within three days, ensuring that everything will be handled as quickly as possible. Because we provide claims adjusters with a single point of contact for all services, we can have your claim closed faster than any other service provider, allowing you to get things back to normal sooner.

How Timber Warriors Works

Here is a look at the process that is followed when our services are needed:

  • You contact your insurance provider to open a claim.
  • Timber Warriors will reach out to you within hours to confirm that we have been selected by your insurer to provide services.
  • After you confirm that you would like us to handle your emergency board up or any other services, we get to work immediately.
  • We perform an initial assessment and then jump straight into performing the work.
  • Once our qualified and fully insured crews finish the job, we’ll send you an electronic form confirming that everything was done to your satisfaction and requesting any additional feedback from you.

Securing your home is a must in the event it sustains severe damage. Emergency board-up services from Timber Warriors can ensure that the interior is protected until permanent repairs are made. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

If you are an insurance adjuster and have questions about or are interested in working with Timber Warriors, please visit our Insurance Adjusters page.

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