Post-Hurricane Cleanup Services

Hurricanes are among the most devastating forces of nature. Any homes that stand in a hurricane’s path can be left with a significant amount of damage that needs to be cleaned up and repaired. Broken glass, uprooted trees and assorted debris can make a property unsafe to inhabit and must be removed by trained professionals. As one of the leading providers of post-disaster cleanup services in the nation, Timber Warriors has extensive experience with hurricane cleanup. When any property has suffered hurricane damage, we can help restore it to its former status as quickly as possible.

Timber Warriors is the go-to source for hurricane debris removal and other related services. When Timber Warriors is called to your property in the wake of a hurricane, you can be certain that any debris left by the storm will be dealt with safely by our certified, fully insured and experienced professionals. We will provide expert assessment of the damage and necessary cleanup. Hurricane cleanup services will then be scheduled within a few hours after being contacted. Timber Warriors provides claims adjusters with a single point of contact for all services, meaning we can have your claim closed faster than anyone else.

How Timber Warriors Works for You

After you contact your insurance provider to file a claim for hurricane damage, Timber Warriors will notify you that we have been selected to provide cleanup services. Once you confirm that you would like us to handle your property, we get right to work. After we perform the initial assessment of the damage, we start working right away to clean up your property. Our qualified and professional crews perform all the work necessary. After which, we will send you an electronic form confirming that all of the work was completed to your satisfaction and will request any additional input.

When your home survives a hurricane, there is no one better at handling all necessary cleanup services than Timber Warriors. We are eager to show you why that is the case. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact Timber Warriors or send us an email today.

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