Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal by Timber Warriors

There’s nothing quite as cozy as a snow-covered roof in winter, yet that snow can build up to big problems if an ice dam prevents it from melting right away. Ice dams occur when melting snow freezes into a ridge of ice that builds up along the edge of a roof. This prevents melting snow and ice on the roof from entering the gutters — meaning, it stays on the roof and adds to the ice dam. If left unchecked, an ice dam can cause serious water and stress damage to your roof, which is why you need professional roof ice dam removal service as soon as you notice an ice dam forming. As certified experts in ice dam solutions, Timber Warriors can provide the roof ice dam removal you need to protect your roof and home.

Timber Warriors partners with insurance companies across the nation to handle insurance claims related to ice dams. We offer full roof snow removal and ice dam removal services with certified professionals who are fully vetted, licensed, and insured. When you contact Timber Warriors to handle your ice dam situation, we respond as quickly as possible, providing a complete inspection of your roof and scheduling services within a few hours of being contacted. You will receive notice of the final billing within three days, so you can rest assured that we’ll handle everything about your ice dam removal as quickly as possible. We provide adjusters with a single point of contact, helping to close your claim faster than any other service provider.”


How Timber Warriors Works for You

Working with Timber Warriors to resolve your home’s ice dam situation is quick and easy. After you contact your insurance provider, Timber Warriors will reach out and confirm that we have been selected by your insurer to provide services. Once you confirm that you would like Timber Warriors to handle your ice dam removal, we will arrive quickly to perform the initial inspection. Then, we will get right to work as soon as we have all the information we need. After the job is done and your roof is cleared of snow and ice, we will send you an electronic form confirming that all services were performed to your satisfaction, and we will ask for any additional feedback.

An ice dam can transform the beautiful sight of a snow-covered roof into a nightmare for homeowners. When you have an ice dam situation on your roof, the certified experts at Timber Warriors can spring into action and remove it.

To learn more about what Timber Warriors can do for you, call us or contact us today.

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