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When a tree comes crashing down onto a home, the property immediately becomes vulnerable to the elements. The same goes for a lightning strike or any other type of catastrophe. If any part of your roof or exterior is damaged so severely that there is a hole in it, your home could suffer worse damage due to rain or snow. Insects or wildlife also could find a way in. What’s more, the weather won’t wait for you to have your home fully repaired. This is why one of the first steps professionals take after such damage occurs to a home is to install an emergency roof tarp over the damaged section. This will create a waterproof seal that will protect the home’s interior until permanent repairs can be made.


Roof tarp installation is not a simple, do-it-yourself project. In fact, it can be as dangerous as it is complex. Whether you are a homeowner or are overseeing the municipal response to a large-scale disaster, you will want to bring in the professionals. Timber Warriors has the expertise and experience necessary to provide full tarp installation services to protect damaged properties.

Timber Warriors delivers complete and expert roof tarping service thanks to our fully vetted, insured and licensed professionals. When you work with Timber Warriors, you know that your emergency tarping will be handled quickly and professionally. We respond as soon as possible, assessing your situation and scheduling services within a few hours of being called. You will also receive notice of the final billing within three days. We provide adjusters with a single point of contact. Your claim thus gets closed faster — and your life can get back to normal —more quickly than with any other provider.

How Timber Warriors Works for You

Below is how our process works after disaster strikes your home:

    • You contact your insurance provider.
    • Timber Warriors will reach out to you within hours to confirm that we have been selected by your insurer to handle the roof tarp installation.
    • Once you confirm that you would like us to handle the tarp installation (or any other service) and we get all the necessary information, we get right to work.
    • We perform an initial assessment and begin installing the tarp.
    • After the work is done, you will receive an electronic form confirming everything was done to your satisfaction and requesting any additional feedback.

Any kind of catastrophic damage to your home can leave it vulnerable to severe weather. Emergency tarp installation services from Timber Warriors can help protect it from further damage. To learn more about what Timber Warriors can do for you, contact us today.

If you are an insurance adjuster and have questions about or are interested in working with Timber Warriors, please visit our Insurance Adjusters page.

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