Storm Response A Near Miss in August

To Our Members

First and foremost, we are beyond thankful for Members’ commitment to Timber Warriors and storm response.

During the development of Lane, Gordon, and Florence, we have been inundated with your verbal commitment and eagerness to mobilize. So many of you are lined up and ready to go in a moments notice, it is your sense of urgency that makes this whole operation work so well.

Although Lane and Gordon did not severely require our services, there will be a day that Timber Warriors is needed and we will then need that same eagerness from you and your crews. We consistently monitor weather reports and storm developments; follow us to learn about the latest developments and Timber Warriors involvement with every storm.


The Latest Information You Need To Know

As many of you may know, although forecasters are calling for Hurricane Florence to begin weakening, they claim that it could still remain a powerful storm. It is a bit early to determine the more precise probability of it impacting the United States.

In addition to Florence, there are two developing in the Atlantic – Invest 92L and Invest 93L. Timber Warriors will continue to monitor these developments and post updates.


What We Need From You

Many of our Members have contacted us with crew size, scheduling, and equipment information. It is important that we receive the following information from Members any time there is a storm development:

Are you able to mobilize?
Does at least one person, who will be on site, have the Timber Warriors App?
Have you conducted a trial run with the App?
Are you able to make it on site within 5 hours?
If not, how far out are you scheduling?
Are your insurance documents valid and correct?

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