One Point of Contact For Claims

Nationwide coverage, certified tree care companies and our One Point of Contact system allow you to close claims faster and with less effort. We even update you on progress in real time.

Providing Insurance Companies, Municipalities and Government Agencies with thousands of safe and knowledgeable first responders to all tree-related emergencies across the United States.


Ready To Take On More Tree Work?

We search out the work so you don't have to! We work with Certified Arborists and experienced tree care professionals across the country to provide tree care services for insurance claims.


Tree Fallen On Your House?

California Wildfires Endangering Your Home?

We fulfill all tree emergency needs across the nation. No hassles, no need for multiple estimates - just give us a call and we'll take care of it.

Timber Warriors services the entire nation providing Government Agencies, Municipalities, and Insurance Companies with unmatched tree-related emergency services. We respond to tree-related emergencies faster, and with greater volume than anyone else.

Reasons To Choose Timber Warriors

Initial Customer Contact Within 1 Hour

Site Inspection & Scheduling in Less Than 5 Hours

Final Billing In 3 Business Days

One Point of Contact

Because Timber Warriors works for insurance companies, we have pioneered a simple program for adjusters. Our One Point of Contact system allows us to update our progress to adjusters in real time so that they can close claims faster than ever before.

Nationwide Coverage

Timber Warriors is the storm recovery crew. We manage the largest tree and tarp network in the nation, working with numerous insurance companies and covering 49 states.


Certified Arborists

Timber Warriors provides certified arborists and highly-vetted tree care professionals. We have established relationships with many of the top homeowners insurance companies who want to provide their clients with qualified, insured and licensed service providers. Timber Warriors Members are qualified, insured and licensed professionals.

The need for additional members grows daily. If you are a certified arborist, professional tree care service provider and/or TCIA accredited company and would like to join our network, please contact us.